Applied offers expertise, services, and products, to support companies who want to pursue a path to digital innovation in their own sector, offering the capability of applying pragmatic business needs, ideas, and creativity.

Scouting and application of know-how are essential activities for Applied to assist and support companies in the path to the fourth industrial revolution. Applied is at the forefront of an ecosystem aimed at sustainable innovation that is reflected throughout the territory through the enhancement and sharing of skills, with particular attention to restitution to the community.


CRI Middleware, established in 2001, develops CRIWARE which are the tools and middleware for audio and video. CRIWARE is used in a variety of fields such as game, VR and consumer electronics. For the game industry, CRIWARE is used in more than 4,000 game titles and is known as standard tools.

For the video field, we provide a video compression solution which reduces a data size to less than a half with keeping the picture quality. The solution is for surveillance camera and video streaming services and used in Terafence Vsecure.

Founded over 30 years ago in Taiwan, Atop has grown to become a leading designer and manufacturer of industrial networking and pick-to-light systems. Experienced in both custom-made and off-the-shelf solutions, Atop has developed a reputation as the go-to choice among many industries for its ability to innovate.

Atop is experienced in dealing with numerous industry sectors, and at every level, to provide operations solutions for automation and processing:

Industrial Networking & Computing

From embedded edge computers to ethernet switches, our range provides the flexibility and scalability needed for automating and growing your operations.

Pick to Light System

Our range includes wireless, pick-by-graph, and zoneless systems for processing applications in numerous industries.

OEM Services & Contract Manufacturing

If you’re looking to develop your concept further or to have it put into production, then we can help.


With locations across the world, ATOP provides a world-class service.

The a4Gate (Terafence inside) solution and TFG for industry4.0, smart machines, and ICS manufacture by ATOP as OEM with Terafence.

About Us

Cybersecurity, as sensitive a topic as it is, should not be complicated and layered and there should be a simple and failsafe solution to keep malware at bay and protect even the remote and outdated assets much like we protect our most vulnerable populace in the society from all kind of viruses.

With this aim and vision in mind, a few Indian Industry leaders conceptualized Terafence Private Limited (an Indian entity) to enhance and provide the next generation of Cyber Security protection for critical and most vulnerable assets like CCTV, IT, and OT networks.

The base technology and boost to effectuate and accomplish this mission is from Terafence Limited, Israel via the Transfer of Technology Route.

The Terafence Private Limited (Brand Name: iTF) products are proudly “Made in India”.

Headquartered in Gurgaon, we are a young and dynamic organization with an aim to secure the ever-growing cyber-attack surface across industries.

We do Reliable Innovations!