Many medical devices today have integrated network connection and RF communication capabilities to enable the outflow of collected data, software updates, and control and adjustment of the device. Unauthorized access to such life-support and diagnostic systems may have fatal consequences and raises serious patient privacy concerns. Terafence protects the public from such threats.

Hospital / clinic devices:

This group includes Diagnostic devices such as ECG, EEG, X-ray, CT, Echo, as well as radiation and catheterization equipment. Since such diagnostic and treatment devices usually communicate via the net to transmit the acquired information to the physician, care center or database, they can be protected by the Terafence VSecure platform.

Implanted devices:

such as ECG, EEG, X-ray, CT, Echo, This group includes Pacemakers, Implantable Converters Defibrillators (ICD), Implantable pressure sensors, implantable nerve stimulators, implantable spinal cord stimulators and more. Such implantable devices normally communicate via RF and are therefore in danger of being hacked. Even accidental interference with the device function can be life threatening, such as the injection of a lethal dose of insulin. Terafence has a unique specific hardware/software solution to eliminate such risks.

Wearable devices:

This group includes glucose monitoring and insulin pumps for diabetics, oncologic infusion pumps, nerve and muscle stimulators and similar devices. Since such wearables use wireless RF communication between their various elements and to communicate with the external world, Terafence VSecure offers the missing protection to make hacking impossible.

How it works

Hospital diagnostic & Therapeutic devices including ECG,
X-ray, CT, Echo and similar monitoring systems.

Implantable devices such as pacemakers, ICDs, pressure
sensors, nerve stimulators and more.

Wearable devices used of glucose monitoring, insulin
pumps, muscle stimulators, among others.