Terafence Ltd. has developed an advanced firmware/microchip solution for cybersecurity connectivity and mechanical waves to control medical implants. Established in 2015, our patent pending TFence™ technology uniquely offers total protection from tampering or hacking the IoT device by completely blocking data entry

JETRO Regional Report – Israel SU’s Overseas Strategy

December 3rd, 2023

JETRO – Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) – Regional Report series

The theme of this series is the innovation ecosystem in India and Israel. In the first part, we provided an overview of the environment for each ecosystem. In the second part, we explore the secrets to collaborating with SUs from both countries, based on interviews with executives of five Israeli startup companies (SU) and interviews with local Japanese companies.

Compared to Japan, Israeli SUs are looking overseas from an early stage. Because the domestic market size is small with a population of approximately 9.5 million people, many companies focus on developing overseas markets from the time they are founded. We asked each company about their overseas strategies and whether they had any intention of engaging with Japanese companies in the future.

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Terafence included:

October 14th 2021

Protect your Assets, Enable your Business!

In recent days we have witnessed and understood the immense importance of enabling continuous monitoring of critical information from the operational and vital systems and preventing the possibility of intrusion and attack.
Terafence joins the effort and offers dedicated solutions for securing vital information and enabling business continuity and continuity.
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14th July 2021

Terafence TFG obtained the Security Level Assessment IEC62443-4-2, SL2

“The solution does not expose any service and it can be considered as immune to direct attacks; beyond this first protection level, there is a physical protection level ensured by the Datadiode card.”

All tests were performed by a team composed of a Siemens CPIN and Cisco CCNA certified Network and security specialist, an EC Council Certified Ethical Hacker, and under the supervision of an ISA / IEC 62443 Cybersecurity Fundamentals Specialist.

June 1st 2021

Okinawa Defense Facilities adopted VSecure to protect the surveillance cameras

The IP cameras’ vulnerabilities are well known, yet, it wasn’t easy to protect them. Terafence VSecure provides the ultimate hardware-based and cost-effective solution.
Learn about the latest news and discover how Okinawa Defense Facilities (Japan) was adopted the VSecure.

5th May 2021

a4Gate reached SL-2 security level

“a4Gate Terafence inside”
a4GATE, the IMA Group’s solution to protect data confidentiality, system operations, and operator safety, obtained the Security Level Assessment IEC62443-4-2, L2! A great accomplishment that pushes us to enhance our efforts to provide our customers an increasingly high and advanced level of protection against cyber attacks.

👉 Find out more about the possibility to enhance the production performance preserving data and information integrity: a4Gate

29th April 2021

Terafence at Improvate HLS & Cyber conference

We had a great opportunity to introduce Terafence breakthrough “Smart Air Gap Data Flow Controller” at IMPROVATE CONFERENCE HLS & CYBER INNOVATION at Walla! studios as an ultimate cost-effective solution for the ANY Critical-Infrastructure, Industry 4.0, and Smart-factories as well for securing IP-Cameras and Medical-Devices.

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Jan 11th 2021

Smart Chip for the IoT

Terafence has proven that cyber protection need not be based on software alone but can also come in the form of hardware: a smart chip. The result is a solution with a military-grade level of security at a reasonable price, meeting the cybersecurity requirements of devices connected to the Internet, as part of the IoT revolution

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October 15th 2020

Zebra Technologies will market Terafence solutions for the protection of OT and IoT systems

Israeli Terafence offers cyber protection solutions for the Internet of Things and operational networks in the critical infrastructure sectors Smart Cities, Smart Enterprises, Smart BMS and Industry 4.0


June 17th 2020

Cyber security leader, Terafence, partners with leading European advanced manufacturing company to protect against cyber security threats

IMA Group recently partnered with Terafence, a world leader in cybersecurity technology, to develop a solution called A4Gate to protect their production plants from cybersecurity threats and ensure the highest possible security level for IMA Group’s machines. IMA Group requires the most secure cybersecurity solutions on the market, as the company is a leader in manufacturing for the processing and packaging of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food, tea, coffee, and more.

January 16th 2020

Arteixo Telecom will develop Israeli patents at its facilities

The Galician technology industry continues to grow. Arteixo Telecom is committed to the cybersecurity and defense market.

Today, several Israeli companies have presented their products in Pontes, some technologically advanced products that can be manufactured in Galicia.

A blinding light to neutralize offenders and terrorists in high-risk situations, a smart bracelet that protects cars or safes. They are patents in the hands of Israeli companies that can be manufactured in Galicia.

The capabilities of Arteixo Telecom, which employs 120 people directly at the As Pontes plant, make it the best way to carry out these projects.

The manufacture of these products could extend the current production capacity of the plant to three working shifts.

January 18th 2020

Companies leading the way in cyber security and critical infrastructure, Terafence and Boulder AI, to attend the largest B2B conference in the cyber industry Two Innosphere client companies team up to attend international cyber event

Colorado and Israel, Jan. 17, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Two companies with leading-edge technologies in the cyber security industry, Terafence and Boulder AI, will be attending the Cybertech Tel Aviv conference in Israel. The conference is recognized as Cybertech’s most renowned international exhibition and is one of the largest B2B networking events in the cyber industry, outside of the United States.

The two companies will be demonstrating the impact of their collective technologies to conference attendees, which includes Boulder AI’s deep learning camera systems and software, and Terafence’s solution which physically isolates IoT devices and networks while maintaining uninterrupted data flow and control.


November 12th 2019

Developed jointly with Terafence, an advanced cybersecurity country in Israel The world’s first cybersecurity solution for IoT Started sales of “Terafence Vsecure (with CRI DietCoder)” ⽇ ⽴ Establishing a sales network in partnership with Hitachi High Technologies and JBTV

Terafence is Very proud and excited to announce signing distribution agreements which major resellers such as hitachi through our partner CRI middleware

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October 25th 2019

Use IP camera without worrying about hacking instead of CCTV

“Internet Protocol (IP) cameras are sharp and affordable. The problem is that you can get hacked if you do it wrong. We solved the ‘security dilemma’ by changing the characteristics of the network. ”

Israel’s Terafence visit to S.Korea with our domestic distribution marketing Hanshine

October 16th 2019

The Keys to the Castle – Most cyber threats come, unintentionally, from within.

“Cyber threats today to operational areas are increasing because of the lack of real ability to protect the real assets of enterprises and infrastructure—the processes themselves and the end equipment.

“The industry’s tendency toward… smart infrastructure—Industry 4.0—raises the immediate need for stronger network security and data transfer solutions. These smart enterprises will need to be able to remotely monitor and control the various processes and use the Internet and cellular network on a large scale. IP addresses, MAC (media access control), etc. are fertile grounds for strong cyber crime opportunities.”

August 12th 2019


April 25th, 2019

Terafence join Innosphere Incubation Program

Innosphere, Colorado’s incubator program dedicated to accelerating the success of science and technology-based companies, has announced that Israeli-based cyber security startup company, Terafence Ltd., has been accepted into the program. Each year, Innosphere provides business support to a limited number of international companies. To help these companies achieve business success in the U.S., Innosphere supports the startup teams on commercialization efforts and gaining U.S. market access.


CRI Riscon show announcement

CRI Riscon show announcement

October 01, 2018

重要インフラレベルのセキュリティをIoTデバイス向けに実現する世界初※のソリューション「Vsecure」(CRI DietCoder搭載)をリリース、Terafence社より北米市場へ出荷開始

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CRI business cooperation and investment with/in Terafence

CRI business cooperation and investment with/in Terafence,

March 2018 – English

April 09, 2018

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CRI business cooperation and investment with/in Terafence

CRI business cooperation and investment with/in Terafence,

March 2018 – English

April 09, 2018

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CRI business cooperation and investment with/in Terafence

CRI business cooperation and investment with/in Terafence,

March 2018 – Hebrew

April 09, 2018

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Ingecom and Terafence signed distribution agreement

Ingecom and Terafence signed distribution agreement, March 2018

April 09, 2018

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