Terafence Email-Relay – TFG121

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Email is still considered as valid, useful communication method especially when the receiver is a human. Sending messages, errors, warning and as such is an operational requirement in OT environments, yet the traditional all safe keeping Air-Gap must be converged in order to deliver electronic messages from OT to external world.

Terafence secure email relay Solution keeps a Military grade network separation at the physical network layer and denies any attempt to reach the secured side. Unlike other data-diodes relying on optic fibers, Terafence have designed hardware chip to attain military grade protection.

Terafence Email-Relay Solution enables safely sending emails without any risk or exposure to outside Cyber threats, within an All-In-One compact desktop unit connected to both networks. The unit maintains the galvanic Air-Gap while forwarding data at 1Gbps from the secure side to the less secured side. No human intervention, no surprises.

Key Features

  • Total galvanic network separation
  • Terafence proprietary hardware chip (FPGA)
  • SMTP Email-Relay functionality (TLS)
  • HTTP/S Simple GUI for configuration (from secure side only)
  • Two accompanying CPUs for protocol support

Solution Highlights

  • Total Galvanic, physical network separation, hardware based on proprietary CHIP
  • Solution includes two accompanying CPUs for protocol support and termination
  • Email-Relay, SMTP (over TLS)
  • Simple, easy configuration using HTTPS GUI
  • 1Gbps backplane
  • All-in-One solution, no need for additional HW/SW supplements
  • No hidden costs
  • Small footprint, desktop or DYN rail mount.
  • Stand-alone unit, not interacting with external entities
  • Simple configuration via secure HTTPS internal webservice GUI.
  • Hardened Linux operating system on accompanying CPUs
  • Core security hardware has no OS, no MAC/IP
  • Secure unit access (HTTPS) to GUI with encryption keys
  • 1Gbps data throughput
  • Power – 12-48VDC @60 Watt
  • Network Ports – 2xRG-45 CAT5E ports
  • No moving mechanical parts
  • Measurements: 95 x 160 x 200 (mm)
  • Desktop or DYN Rail mounting
  • Operating temperature – (-40) ~ (+80)OC
  • In-door use only
  • Processor – Intel ® ATOM x5-E3940 CPU
  • Memory – Slim Bootloader 16 MiB Bios
  • Memory LPDDR4 Dual Channel 1600MHz 8GB Storage
  • Network – 2 x Intel ® I210-IT 10/100/1000 Mbps
  • Ports – 2 x USB 3.0 (external), 2 x USB 2.0 (PL2303)
  • Approx 95 x 200 x 160 mm Dimensions
  • Approx 2 KG Weight Aluminum and Steel Construction
  • Desktop, Din Rail, Wall-Mount Mounting
  • -40 ~ 85°C (-40 ~185°F) Operating Temperature
  • -40 ~ 85°C (-40 ~185°F) Storage Temperature
  • 95% @ 40°C non-condensing Relative Humidity
  • CE & FCC Class B

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Terafence Email-Relay Solutions - TFG121

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