A4Gate – Terafence inside

a4GATE is a unique and secure solution for all Industry 4.0

controlling LAN Ethernet traffic at ISO / OSI Layers 1.

The system is connected to the machine network as standard and collects data from the smart machine components via the IoT edge software. The collected data is transmitted in real-time to the part connected to the external network without physical connections through a patented technology. a4GATE has defined a unidirectional gateway, allowing only a one-way flow. It is not physically possible to go back up the data flow, working at L1 of the ISO/OSI stack. From the outside, it is not possible to access the machine network. Bidirectionality: there may be situations where you are required to enter the system from outside for authorized assistance or to transmit new configurations to the PLC. The solution has a switch that opens a  network path from external to internal, activated physically, and monitors what happens. The opening is, however, timed, with configurable intervals.


  • Air-Gap level of one-way data traffic
  • Total Traffic Control at ISO OSI Layers-1
  • ZERO induced latency
  • Hardware (chip) based Data Flow Control
  • Complete LAN Traffic Direction Flow Control
  • Low power consumption
  • LED indication panel

Board A/B

CPU Intel Atom E3940 1.6GHz 4*core
Flash 56GB eMMC
Ethernet 2* 1Gbps
USB 4*V2.0 (2 internal)
SD Optional
OS Board A MS-Windows 10 IoT Enterprise
OS Board B Ubuntu 18.04 Its
Dimension 85mm*130mm
Power Input DC 5V


Hardware Box (Din-Rail)

Power Input DC 12-48V
Ethernet 2* 1Gbps
USB 4*V3.0 (V2.0 is supported))
SD 2 (Optional)
LED indication Terafence
Dimension 215mm*159mm*71mm
Battery Yes
Shutdown sw Yes


Hardware Terafence

Data transfer rates 1000/100/10Mbps auto-negotiate
Physical ports 2xRJ-45 LAN ports
Core board Wx135 Hx80 Tx13 (max) (mm)
LED panel Wx202 Hx25 Tx11 (max) (mm)
Weight 75gr
Power 5.5VDC/2.5Amp external supply
Power consumption max-20W