Terafence Ltd. has developed an advanced firmware/microchip solution for cybersecurity connectivity and mechanical waves to control medical implants. Established in 2015, our patent pending TFence™ technology uniquely offers total protection from tampering or hacking the IoT device by completely blocking data entry

November 18

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Topic Description:

The need to connect the various production lines, machines, and sensors from the operating network to the information cloud and control rooms – is clear and necessary to gain better service, big data analysis, predictable/preventive maintenance, and more applicable tools.
The security gap between the requirements and standards to the implementation in practice is very high – on the one hand, how to ensure that the process is safe, continuous, and without the ability to manipulate and on the other hand, how to enable a process as intended to be according to the operational requirements.

Terafence will introduce the game-changer for ALL Industry4.0:

A4GATE, integrated hardware and software solution to protect data confidentiality, system operations, and operator safety. A4GATE integrates fundamental functions for the world of smart machines. This hardware and software solution configures the edge components of IoT software to make full use of the security features. A4GATE is the safe place between your smart machines and external Remote Control accesses.