Terafence Vsecure 20, 50,100

Protect IoT/NoT devices from TCP/IP-based attacks

The rapid adoption of IoT/NoT applications and devices brings new dimensions of vulnerability to cyber attacks on building management systems (BMS), industrial and similar critical infrastructure. Unprotected systems may lead to substantial physical, reputational and economic damage. Due to their fundamental importance and insecure nature, TCP/IP protocols are commonly used as the vector of attacks. Vsecure puts an end to the risk of IoT/NoT devices being used for TCP/IP-based attacks, preventing non-authorized viewing of RTSP and other video streams.

Hack-proof physical and logical layer isolation

Vsecure solution physically enforces data-flow direction at the physical and logical layers, creating a secure IoT/NoT environment that prevents connected devices from being controlled and misused. Using advanced isolation architecture to secure network segments, such as IP-camera, Vsecure denies hackers from gaining access to IoT devices by restricting outbound traffic from existing network devices – preventing their use for cyber attacks.

Centralized platform for IP-cameras management & control

The Vsecure solution comprises four independent layers and an integration layer, serving as a centralized platform for IP-camera control and management, with automated functions such as password changes and firmware upgrades. The unified Vsecure platform monitors the activity of IP cameras and generates device-related alarms and reports according to their activity.

  • Secures IoT/NoT devices from being used for TCP/IP-based attacks (IP cameras on segmented networks)
  • Data flow direction control enforcement at the physical and logical layers
  • Complete block of information flow, either physical or logical
  • Device password management for IP cameras at any time interval
  • Strong, secure solution utilizes four independent security layers, plus a single integration layer
  • Timed, event or logic decision-driven centrally controlled camera hardware power cycling*
  • Prevents non-authorized viewing of video streams controlled by the Vsecure data flow direction control unit and optional encryption **
  • 19” half-size rack-mount
  • Power supply: 1x12VDC, 8AMP
  • 2xRJ-45 Gigabit Ethernet CAT-7 ports
  • Front Panel indication LEDs
  • 20, 50 and 100 Video Channels support (according to the model)
  • Video Stream forwarding up to 25/30 fps (NTSC/PAL)
  • Unit self-resurrection after a direct attack
  • Provides camera-operational alarms, information and statistics such as down time, bit rate per camera, upper or lower bit rate, thresholds and more statistics
  • Provides a centralized tool for management and camera control
  • Warns against vandalism or camera alteration, such as turning the camera from a preselected angle *
  • Reduces video bandwidth (using CRI DietCoder® sophisticated video compression) allowing more frame-per-second delivery to the control center **
  • Provides the ability to promptly disconnect a suspiciously-infected device/network from the company infrastructure
  • High throughput per unit
  • Load balancing **
  • High availability via unit clustering **

* Future release ** Optional

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